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  • What is dumpARump.com?

    dumpArump.com is a free image hosting solution. You can use dumpArump.com to share your images with your friends, use them on blogs, ebay accounts, personal web sites, online auctions, forums and online communities. You can upload as many images you want, as long as you follow our rules

  • How can I link to dumpArump.com?

    You can put a text link pointing to www.dumparump.com or link directly to one of our banners

    Link directly to image:

    HTML tag with link:
    Link directly to image:

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  • How do I upload an image?

    - Choose how many images you want to upload. Hard limit of 99 images each time.
    - Click the "Browse..." button(s) and search your computer for them.
    - Choose if you want to create a hosted gallery. Example
    - Choose the width in pixels for the AUTO created thumbnails.
    - Enter the "Security Code" spesified
    - You have to agree to our TOS/Rules before you can upload.
    - Click the " Click here to Upload " link on the bottom to start uploading.

    The images will now be uploaded, and you will be presented with different ways to present those images.

  • What image types can I upload?

    Allowed Image types are: jpg, jpeg, gif & png.

  • What is the maximum image size?

    The maximum image size is 2.048kb or 2 Megabytes

  • What images are NOT allowed

    We do NOT allow any content that contain bestiality, rape, child porn, hentai or copyrighted material.

    Please use your common sense when uploading to dumpArump.com since all images will be screened by the the webmasters at dumpArump.com and any files in violation of our TOS will be deleted and the uploader ip will be banned.

    Legal Notice: This does not mean that dumpArump.com is responsible for any content the users upload.

  • How can I tell what I've uploaded?

    Every time you upload an image to dumpArump.com it will go into your upload history. You must accept cookies for this feature to work. Every upload will remain in the history for 180 days or as long the cookie remains on your computer.

  • What are those [img] codes I see when I upload an image?

    Those are the codes necessary to show an image rather than a URL when you post on message boards or forums.

  • Will my uploaded images ever be deleted?

    First rule! dumpArump.com reserves the right to delete any image for whatever reason.

    Aside from the first rule dumpArump.com will try to follow these guidelines:

    Images younger than 180 days will not be deleted unless in violation of our TOS/Rules or in extreme cases of the examples below.

    Images older than 180 days will be deleted if dumpArump.com means it does not meet certain standards, examples of these are:
    - The image does not recive sufficient number of hits or clicks.
    - The image is not what we consider to be good quality.
    - User complaints about certain images or uploaders.
    - The image is of a sexual character that deviate from what 90% of the public will call "normal".

    Images may also be deleted if they are in violation of our TOS/Rules.

  • How can I contact dumpArump.com?

    You can contact us by using our Contact Form.


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